Because one-third of the world’s population does not have access to quality healthcare solutions, we are committed to exploring ways to ensure patients get the treatments they need and improving their quality of life. We also foster the development of prevention through the company’s integrated care program.

As a health journey partner, we focus on improving access to healthcare and high-quality medications for underserved populations in our fields of expertise.

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Daily Newsfeed

Sanofi launched a Facebook page “Hong Kong Stories” in 2016 to share patient stories, health tips, and latest medical news with the public on a daily basis

Education Materials

Sanofi produces books and videos as free resources to educate the public on different health related issues. In an easy-to-understand presentation, complicated disease can be explained through reader-friendly books and lively videos, allowing the public to better understand medical conditions and symptoms.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Sanofi regularly partners with patient groups, NGOs, and medical associations to hold public events and media campaigns to raise awareness for different diseases, including Rare Disease Symposium, World Kidney Day, Prostate Cancer Event, and more.