Lactacyd® is specially designed for the intimate area with extra mild formula.  It is in harmony with the pH value of female intimate area and contains Lactic Acid and Lactoserum which help maintain female intimate skin’s pH levels, boost the growth of good bacteria, suppress that of harmful organisms (including candida)1-3  and prevent itchiness, odor, excessive discharge and discomfort.

Shake well. Pour thumb-size amount onto your hand, leather and clean the vulva area. Rinse thoroughly.  Recommended for everyday use.
For external use only.

Lactacyd® Pro Sensitive Feminine Wash

Protects & soothes sensitive skin

  • Prevents and relieves discomfort, irritation, itchiness and odor
  • Enhances vaginal resistance against discomfort
  • Suitable for everyday use during critical periods such as menstruation and pregnancy, providing extra protection for the intimate area

Lactacyd® Extra Nourish Feminine Wash

Ultimate moisturizing

  • Relives dryness and firms intimate skin
  • Made with a milk rich formula containing natural antioxidizing vitamins
  • Nourishes the femzone and leaves skin supple and firm
  • Suitable for female during menopause, breastfeeding and under stress.

Lactacyd® Odor Fresh Feminine Wash

Blocks odor for 24 hours

  • Removes and prevents odor causing bacteria
  • With natural herbal essences
  • Protect you from odor all-day long

Lactacyd® All-Day Care Feminine Wash

Feel clean after every wash

  • With natural milk extracts
  • Lasting clean feeling all-day long

Lactacyd® Pearl Intimate Feminine Wash

Restores natural bikini skin tone

  • Fight against melanin and free radicals with natural marine extracts
  • Suppress the formulation and pigmentation of melanin in bikini area

Lactacyd® Soft & Silky Feminine Wash


  • With extra moisturizers giving a soft, silky feel after every wash
  • Hydrates intimate area for a soft, smooth sensation

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Reference: 1. Lactic acid can help to maintain female intimate skin's pH levels, boost the growth of beneficial bacteria while suppress that of harmful organisms (including Candida)  2. § Haya J, et al. Open J Obstet Gynecol. 2014; 4:787 - 799  3. O’Hanlon et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2011, 11:200. [In vitro study] 3. Wilson J. Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2004;80 (1) :8-11