Enterogermina ® is World’s No. 1 Probiotic1,  a probiotic suspension consisting of a four strain (SIN, O/C, T, N/R) spore of 2 Billion  Bacillus clausii.

Enterogermina® characteristics:

  • Multi-Resistant including heat, ~100% gastric acid2
  • Optimal Delivery with spore format which can transit through gastric barrier 2
  • Multiply Above Initial Dosage in the intestine 2
  • Individual and advanced Liquid Vial format can consume anytime and anywhere
  • Suitable for Newborn
  • Made in Italy, with strict quality control
  • No sugar, no preservative, no color, no taste, no lactose, no gluten


Clinically proven that Enterogermina® helps:

  • Restore intestinal flora balance and contribute to positive gut immunity 3
  • Address the root cause of digestive troubles and promotes recovery of microflora balance in gut4,5


How to Use Enterogermina ®

  • Infants (<1 month) & Children: 1-2 vials per day
  • Adults: 2-3 vials per day
  • Administer at regular intervals of 3-4 hours
  • Take the content as such or dilute with drinks (e.g. water, milk, tea, juice)
  • Shake before use. To open the vial, unscrew the top part and remove it.
  • Please follow HCP advice on consumption



2 billion/ 5 ml, oral suspension


Pack Size

20 vials per box

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*14 common



1. Nicholas Hall & Company DB6 OTC probiotic by volume April 2019. 2. Vecchione A, et al. Front Med. 2018;5:59 Vitality of the microorganisms present in Enterogermina was not affected by the incubation in the juice as long as 120 mins (in vitro study) 3. Smiyan OI, et al. Wiad Lek.2019; 72(7): 1320-1323 4. Lahiri K et al. J Harmoniz.Res. Med. And Hlth. Sci.2015;2:26-30. 5. Benoni G, et al. Chemioterapia. 1984;259–62.