Research & Development

As people live longer, chronic conditions are on the rise. New viruses and diseases are emerging while old enemies like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases remain. Sanofi is driven by the scope of these health challenges. 

Sanofi’s R&D community is made up of scientists, physicians, technicians, product and manufacturing engineers and many others who contribute to our scientific leadership. Our goal is breakthrough innovation that can transform, extend and potentially save lives.

The journey to a discovery

About CEPiA

Within the Industrial Affairs Division of Sanofi, CEPiA (Commercial & External Partnership, Industrial Affairs) is an organization fully dedicated to third party activities, including Sales and Sub-contracting.

The Sales activity of CEPiA is a worldwide organization of 200 experienced professionals, dedicated to the customer’s needs and the market specificities. According to the needs, we can propose an integrated offer, including a strong quality and regulatory support.