empowering life

Empowering Life

Life is a health journey,

with its ups and downs, and its challenges. These can be big or small, lifelong or temporary. Everyone, from children to elderly people, face health challenges and
needs, wherever they are.
Sanofi, a health journey partner

We at Sanofi, are there beside people in need, as a health journey partner. Many patients are depending on us. We aim to protect, enable and support people facing health challenges, so they can live life to its full potential.
Empowering Life  Empowering Life
“Life is a health journey, with big and small moments. Fighting pain, and diseases, whether lifelong or temporary. That's the fight against which we, the thousands of women and men of Sanofi, gather all our forces.”
Olivier Brandicourt, Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi
Empowering Life  Empowering Life
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